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My name is Daniela Vollmann and I am a certified personal and business coach, with more than 10 years of experience in individual and business coaching. I am running my own private practice in Frankfurt for more than 10 years now and have successfully enabled hundreds of individuals through coaching and training so far.


It is my vision and mission to support individuals to reconnect and remain connected with themselves - in order to from there live an authentic, present, power- and joyful, balanced and healthy life. A life in which they apply their innate talents and thrive, for their own success and for the success of their personal and professional environments.


I have been part of the Global Talent Development Human Resources department of a leading global consulting company as a member of the virtual, multicultural, strategy team for more than 15 years. I have been talking English for many years, day in day out in my professional and personal environment, so it has become a second mother tongue to me. 


More than 12 years ago I started to educate myself in Coaching and training. In 2012 I founded my own Coaching and Training Business, which I am running from my private practice in Frankfurt. Continuous learning is important so I ensure the methods and techniques applied with my clients stay up to date and have a meaningful, positive impact.


A very brief overview of my offerings:

  • Individual Coaching for personal and professional regards, applying methods such as: Integrated Solution Focused Coaching, solution focused, systemic, energetic, mindfulness based methods
  • Trainings for individuals, such as: MindBodyCircle - integrated health, mindfulness and wellbeing training, Inner Peace Training - Impulse sessions, Tension Releasing Exercises®
  • Business Coaching for employees, leaders and teams, applying methods such as: Gallup Talent & Strength Coaching for individuals and the business
  • Training series for Company Health Programs, Mindfulness @the business

All my services listed on my homepage are available

  • in German and in English
  • in person and via telephone/Zoom
  • for individuals, teams and companies 

I am happy to take you through my portfolio, to discuss your request and objectives and answer your questions.


I am looking forward hearing from you. 


Sincerely and all the best,

Daniela Vollmann 

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